Danish Streetart

Danish Streetart

The World Needs Strong Men

Just ask Bush.

I Fuck On First Dates

One of the first I did.

Driving Beats Walking

The average American urban dweller spends more of his life than ever before stuck in traffic, or working to pay for his car. It is estimated that the average car owner spends 1/6 of his waking hours either in transit or earning wages to support his vehicles(s).

All My Heros Take Cocaine

Traces of cocaine found in the Danish parliament so I guess it's not only rockstars that need a white stripe.

Chewbacca Was My Lover

Ever wonder how Chewbacca is in bed, remeber this is the guy that pulls your arms of if you beat him in Cluedo.

My Dreams Are Always Pink

The first version was pink, but decided it whould work better if it never was pink.

I Read Books To Pick Up Chicks

He does...

Online Poker Took My Wife

Just say no to online gaming.

Life Is Such An Act

Did Shakespeare say that?

The End

Listen, if there is money involved then it is not street art...It might be grafffiti though.

I Lie you Spin - I Spin you lie

This was made as a double Kissmama. So they whould go up together as a pair during the Danish elections for parliament.

Fat Guys Write Fat Checks

I made another version of this Kissmama, were the text said: Fat Guys Ride Fat Chicks

Black is back

Well black does make you look slim, and you'll bleend in at any funeral and party here in Denmark.

I hate my wife...

because I'm boring. Come to think about it this guy looks a bit like Bill Gates. Must be the blue shirt and the geeky glasses.

I wonder if Bill's wife find him boring?

Bøller kan også være bøsser

The text is in Danish and says: Hooligans can also be gay.

Let me steal your heart

...thank you. I'll take good care of it.

It doesnt take a fly to know shit

Some say it takes a education. So kids be cool and stay in school.

Reality Bites

...a movie with my favorite shoplifter Winona Ryder.

After I shop I cry

Not a good character flaw amoung mallrats.

The DJ is not a jukebox

So don't shoot him.

My Friends say Im onsided

Get some new friends.

This place is not for streetart


Jeg tror du stjæler

Did this one for the Danish undreground mag UORDEN

Kaldte du mig lige for Dildo Jill?

Did you know, when "Big Brother" was show on Danish television the inmates of the house broke out?

I Herlev er der så dejligt

Everybody sleeps in the suburbs